What is Article Forge?

Background and Competitive Advantages

What is Article Forge?

Article Forge is an AI writer that researches, plans, and writes entire long form articles in one click.

All the user needs to do is give Article Forge a keyword (and optionally section headings) and the AI will create a full, accurate, relevant, SEO optimized article automatically.

Competitive advantages and value propositions:

Article Forge is first and foremost, a fully automated writer, so indirect competitors are augmentation tools or manual writers. This means that the deliverable is a piece of content, not just a tool that assists the user in writing their own content. 

  • While many users will still edit the content before publishing, they are working from a full draft rather than walking through the entire process (the focus is shifted from writing to polishing).

The biggest value of the tool is producing full articles to:

  1. Save time
  2. Save money
  3. Minimize the effort required to rank on search engines
  4. Scale content production

How is Article Forge different from other AI content writing tools?:

Article Forge takes a keyword (like the keyword you want to rank for) and writes a full article. The article is accurate, relevant, and organized because our AI researches and builds a knowledge graph around each keyword. The AI then references that information as it structures and writes each article (much more involved than pulling facts from the internet).

  • Competitors use generative models (like GPT-3) that do not have the ability to reference any external information, let alone build a knowledge graph/write a full, structured, accurate article. Instead, these tools create short form copy (no more than a few paragraphs at a time) that requires constant human interaction to turn into full articles.

Put simply, Article Forge is:

  • Simpler/easier to use than competitors (enter keyword, get article, no long workflow)
  • Better at creating cohesive long-form content than other tools
  • More factually accurate and relevant than other tools
  • More scalable than other solutions

 More information on Article Forge competitive advantage can be found here: Article Forge vs Jasper vs

Primary features: 

Article Generator: Produces articles of various lengths (~50, ~250, ~500, ~750, and ~1,500 words) automatically. 

  • Can automatically include titles and section headings
  • Can automatically add images, videos, and custom links
  • Can write in 7 languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish)

Bulk Article Generator: Produce as many articles as you want at a time 

  • great for requesting all your articles, leaving to do something else, then polishing and scheduling your full content calendar

WordPress integration: Connect and send posts to your WordPress blogs automatically

  • Articles can be sent as drafts, pending moderation, or published

Post scheduler: Set Article Forge to automatically create articles at a set schedule and send them to your WordPress blogs automatically. 

  • Articles can be sent as drafts, pending moderation, or published

API: Article Forge offers a straightforward API

  • Allows users to integrate content generation directly into their existing workflows. 

SEO optimization: Article Forge content is naturally optimized for search because our models use the same deep learning architecture to decide what to write about as Google uses to decide what to rank. 

  • Article Forge will often score very well in SEO scoring tools (like SurferSEO, AIOSEO, Yoast, etc)
  • Many of our customers are currently ranking with Article Forge content
  • We ran a case study to track how Article Forge content ranks (see below) 


Article Forge currently has 3 pricing tiers, each offered as Monthly or Yearly plans (Yearly offers a 51% discount compared to Monthly plans): 

  • Basic: includes 25,000 words per month
    • $27/mo or $13/mo paid yearly ($156/yr)
  • Standard: includes 250,000 words per month
    • $57/mo or $27/mo paid yearly ($324/yr)
  • Unlimited: includes unlimited interface words per month
    • $117/mo or $57/mo paid yearly ($684/yr)

Recent updates:

Aug. 2022: Article Forge Update: Quality Grader

Apr. 2022: Article Forge Update: Increased Accuracy, Organization, And Length

Nov. 2021: Article Forge 3.0: A Major Breakthrough In Accurate AI Content Generation

Quality case studies: 

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